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Coopers Microbrewery - 1244 1244

Everything needed (except a can-opener) to brew beer is available in a box that fits easily into the kitchen cupboard. The Micro-Brew Kit includes everything from PET bottles and caps to a can of Home Brew. Also included in the kit is a detailed instructional booklet and accompanying dvd, ensuring that even the most novice brewer can be confident of getting it right, first time.

  • 30 Litre quality fermenter, lid & rubber 'O' ring.
  • Tap and sediment reducer.
  • Airlock & rubber grommet.
  • Bottling tube & valve.
  • Brewing sugar.
  • Carbonation drops
  • Adhesive digital thermometer.
  • Instructional dvd.
  • Hydrometer.
  • 500 ml plastic bottles & caps.
  • Plastic spoon.
  • Coopers Australian Lager kit.
  • Free delivery!
  • This is a genuine Coopers product not a Youngs copy!

Manufactured by:Coopers

Payment Methods
Paypal Invoice or credit card by phone on 01772 431030 or we will contact you.

Description Coopers Microbrewery - 1244 1244

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