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Leyland Home Brew....... It's our service that makes the difference...

Homebrew Catalogue PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ENTER OUR NEW WEB SITE Leyland Home Brew has been established for over ...
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Bargain Home Brew KIts

Definitive Beer Kits Take advantage of these Definitive Beer Kits. Buy singly, in sixes or in dozens.
Beer Kits

Beer Making Kits A range of beer kits to suit all pockets. A selection of products from all ...
Wine Kits

Wine Making Kits Make your own quality wine in as little as 7 days. Browse this section ...
Cider Kits

Cider Making Kits Standard strength, high strength, still or sparkling - the choice is yours!
Beer Starter Kits

Beginners Beer Making Kits Choose from our great selection of Beer Starter Kits!
Wine Starter Kits

Beginners Wine Making Kits Its easy to make your own wine in as little as 14 days.
Cider Starter Kits

Beginners Cider Making Kits Make your own delicious cider. Choose from Apple, Pear, Elderflower and Strawberry.
Mini Keg System

Minikegs 5 Litre steel barrels. Ideal for transporting your beer. Choose either the CO2 or Air Pump ...

Easykegs These lacquered 5 litre steel kegs are ideal for transporting small quantities of beer to parties etc. ...
LHB Micro Brewery

Micro Craft Brewery A 22.5 litre Craft Brewing System to produce your own hand crafted real ale. Ask ...
Homebrewing Equipment

Fermentation Equipment Fermentation equipment for both beer and wine making. Fermenters, brewing bins, carboys, bungs, airlocks and ...
Festival Premium Real Ale KIts

Festival Premium Real Ale Kits A new range of premium quality beer kits from Ritchie Products. This range ...
Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kits

Bulldog Brews Beer Kits Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kits have been created using modern brewing technology but with ...
Simply Beer Kits

Simply Beer Kits Each Simply Beer Kit has been crafted with the help and expertise of our ...
Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Kits

Bulldog Brews Premium Cider Kits A range of delicious cider kits from Hambleton Bard.
Spirit & Liqueur Flavourings

Spirits and Liqueurs Make your own Spirits and Liqueurs from the many types of flavours & essences available ...
Latest Products

New Items Check out these newly available products.
Beer Dispensing

Beer Dispensing A range of plastic and stainless steel pressure vessels, bottles, bottling equipment and caps.
Beer Making Ingredients

Beer Making Ingredients A selection of malted grains, malt extract, sugars, hops and yeast for the craft brewer.
Craft Brewing equipment

Craft Brewing Equipment Equipment for those who want to produce superior beers! Mashtuns, boilers, wort chillers, grain ...
Filtration Equipment

Filtration Equipment These products will help to produce that perfect shine and sparkle in your wine.
General Equipment

General Equipment Basic equipment for beer and wine making. A selection of plastic jugs, funnels, brushes, syphons and ...
Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment These items will help you maintain the required temperatures during the cooler months.
Winemaking Equipment

Winemaking Equipment This section contains a comprehensive range of equipment for juice extraction, bottling, storage and dispensing.
Winemaking Ingredients

Winemaking Ingredients A comprehensive range of ingredients for the winemaker.
Easy Access.

Leyland Home Brew's personal customers enjoy close free parking with easy access from the M6, M65 & M61 ...

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The craft of wine and beer making at home dates back thousands of years to the early civilisations. ...
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