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Home Brewing


Home Brewing


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Home Brewing

If you are interested in home brewing, then Leyland Home Brew have a service that is second to none and offer products and ingredients at prices that are hard to beat.

Home brewing has been around for many thousands of years, you would be very surprised at the ingredients and techniques that were first used to make beer, but surprisingly enough you will still find some of the ancient equipment is still used, although modified and improved.

We have been supplying people home brew kits ever since brewing first started in this country so we know everything there is to know and are always willing to offer friendly and helpful advice to anyone who needs it

We will accept orders of any of our wine making or home brew kits by any of the following media email, telephone, fax in fact if you can contact us in anyway we will endeavour to provide you with the necessary equipment and infredients so you can start making your very own beer.

We do stipulate though that if you wish us to send products that are of a fragile nature will be the resposibility of the person who is in receipt of these goods. The carriers of these goods will not accept any responsibility whatsoever, in fact some goods such as full ags cylinders will not be accepted by many firms.