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Make Your Own Wine - Leyland Homebrew

Make Your Own Wine

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Would you like to make your own wine?. It's a great way to save money and have a great selection of wines at home for the fraction of the cost you would pay in a shop.

Leyland Home Brew is the ideal place to start if you wish to make your own wine; books, ingredients, equipment and a friendly, welcoming knowledgeable staff will help you on your way to making your own wine which will improve each time your make your next batch of wine until you perfect the wine making process to the taste you are happy with, which will be quicker than you would imagine.

We are located in Leyland near Preston, so if you are close by you can always visit us at our shop to purchase equipment, ingredients and get advice on how to make your own wine. If you do however live to far afield to visit us then we offer a delivery service. With purchases of over £60 deliveries in England, Wales and most of Scotland will be free.

Our wine kits will help you to make your own wine in as little as one week. Our selection wine making kits makes either 6 or 30 bottles. We have a range of fermentation equipment for both beer and wine including: fermenters, brewing bins, bungs and taps. Filtration equipment to give your wine the sparkle and shine you desire a range of yeasts and nutrients, finings and enhancers and our equipment range has a comprehensive selection of juice extractors, bottling equipment, storage and dispensing solutions.

So as you can see Leyland Home Brew is your one-stop-shop when you want to make your own wine. Give us a call today and learn more on making your own wine, beer or spirits. You could be on your way to your first bottle of wine in no time at all.


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